To escape their imprisonment, the team build one of their out of the ordinary inventions

Blair has no chance this time, his troops were too badly injured last time. He tries to get asylum in his allies countries.

First , USA

Then Russia

Looks like Blairs good as thrown, The gang break though security at Downing Street

Blair pleads for mercy

Blair's lying won't rub off on T

Blairs courtesy flight

Brown fears for himself as well

Colonel Decker? What good will that do? T's on hot pursuit of Brown

Browns fate is sealed like Blairs

William Hague returns to thank T

T sums things up correctly

(note from author: I am a strong Hague supporter, this is just part of the site humor)

Mr. T and the team return home to the US with Mr. T enjoying a nice cold glass of milk.

Meanwhile, Colonel Decker finally arrives in the UK, too late as usual

In other news, in a far distant place, Blair is trying to get elected in his new home

THE END???????


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